Michelle ShepherdI want to thank the folks at Expression Employment, especially Mary, for being so amazing and understanding of my situation.s

I've been in transition (male to female) for a year and struggled getting initial interviews with organisations. The friendly staff were able to show me all the options available for support for returning to the workplace.

I will be recommending the service to anyone who is struggling and in a similar situation.

Michelle Sheppard




"As a newcomer to the Melbourne job market, I was finding it difficult getting responses to applications. Months of searching yielded no prospects.

With WorkingOUT’s expert help, I made the necessary changes to my job seeking approach.  As a result, I landed an interview within the first week and was offered a job the following week. 

I could not have done it without the knowledge, encouragement, and commitment of the people at Expression Employment.  I am very grateful!"








"I had been out of work for nearly 4 years due to illness and at 62 years of age was finding it extremely difficult to get a job. Before I found Expression Employment I had put in over 30 job applications and didn’t succeed to the interview stage.  I met Alex Liao (Employment Consultant) at a community Centre and was provided details of their program called WorkingOUT with further informed on how they could help me get a job.  

After going through the registration process to commence with Expression Employment - WorkingOUT I had my first meeting with Alex and his boss Tristan Knoop on the 18th of August.  They explained how they would assist me – I still had to do a lot of work myself.  They helped me re-do my Resume, which was far too long and did a covering letter which was far better than anything I could have written.  

Every two weeks I would go back to meet with Alex who helped me find the best way for me to apply jobs. I also used Seek Job search and applied for any jobs which I felt interested me.  I still received many knock backs but had Alex to support me through the process.

I finally I got invited by prospective employers for a few interviews. I felt I went well but in both cases I did not progress any further with either of them.  In total I applied for over 60 jobs. With my new resume and covering letter I was now getting to first base but no further.

Alex then turned his attention on coaching me in the interview stage with techniques and good responses giving me ideas and positive ways of answering questions. He also coached me in online ‘aptitude’ tests, typing speed and non verbal reasoning. 

In late September I got an interview for an IT Support Consultant.   I used all the techniques that I had been shown over the previous few months and finally I got a job.

It is a great job and challenges me everyday – I am still very much in the training stage but feel in time I will be able to perform the tasks required
It is such a relief to have full time work again. I have a sense of purpose back. I cannot thank Expression Employment – WorkingOUT enough for the support they gave me."



"Expression Employment - The Sense of Listening.

WELL DONE Expression Employment!! Your staff are amazingly awesome. 

I came to Australia through an adopted missionary family as a 7 year old boy and was educated both here and Papua New Guinea (PNG). After schooling I spent my younger days commuting between both countries working in the hospitality and airline industry and as a primary school teacher. My passion in life was helping others and making a little difference in people’s lives and I also have a big interest in people and their cultures.
After gaining a bachelors degree in International Development from RMIT I had a secure job in designing, implementing and managing programs or projects throughout Asia-Pacific and Africa and was privileged to have had the best of working in remote communities and appreciating the diversity of cultures and people. 

Through my work I had gained numerous skills and knowledge and also learned to use the five senses we were born with to weld together culturally and linguistically diverse communities with diverse skills into a cohesive community, sharing a common vision.

After being diagnosed with cancer, anxiety and depression in January 2014, I lost my job, my partner of 24 years, and was left with no home or finances to get through the rough patch. Centrelink came to my assistance and through a community network group I was plucked out of a fish bowl by a jobseeker provider. The experience I had with this particular provider for eight months will not make me recommend any jobseeker to seek assistance there. I was helpless, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel, as they didn’t assist me with resume, job applications, career advice and basically didn’t really consider who or what I am, given the experience, issues and background I have. 

I think sometimes persons in leadership roles fail to utilise all five senses to fully understand job seekers like us as an individual, no matter how experienced or qualified we are. Life experiences are gained through our day to day living and over time on the basis of our relationships within our environment and the interactions we have with diverse people and cultures.

I needed to change my service provider and I met Alex and Leanne from Expression Employment through the "Working Out" community network program, and a friend also recommended I contact Tristan to discuss my situation.
From here, the sun was shining, it was bright with a calm breeze and my anxiety and depression levels dropped and I began to see a light coming through the dark tunnel I was in. I was doing ten applications per week more than the Centrelink requirement based on the prompt support I got from my case officer Alex and Tristan's advice. Alex was very efficient, and proactive in every level to assist me securing interviews and a job within weeks of switching to Expression Employment. 

WELL DONE Expression Employment - WorkingOUT!! 

No matter who or what we are, the Expression Employment team always listen, understand an individual's issues and provide the best advice and guidance through a pathway plan to securing employment. Basically, it does not matter of your sexuality, sexual preference, disability, injury or illness, Expression Employment staff will treat you with respect and equally as another human being."
Harris  BEIN